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May 25, 2022

SHHH… We have a secret inside scoop on human resources and the perfect guest to spill all the beans.  Have you ever been confused on the importance of human resources in your organization? If so, today’s episode is for you!

In today’s episode you’ll hear all about:

  • Human Resources: what it means, and why it is the heartbeat of any organization
  • How you can be an advocate for HR leaders within your own company
  • How to best convey the importance of your work to leadership and the collective company
  • How to allow the people who care in your organization to step forward and lead 

More about Traci: Traci Chernoff is the Director of Employee Engagement at Legion Technologies and an experienced HR leader. Prior to joining Legion, Traci spent nearly a decade in key HR leadership roles for both Big-Box and Luxury retailers directly supporting retail management and hourly teams across North America; most recently, Traci worked as a Director of Human Resources for a Global Luxury Retailer. Traci is the Host and Creator of the podcast, “Bringing the Human back to Human Resources” where she destigmatizes HR by uniting employee demands and business needs while simultaneously challenging the perceptions and stigmas surrounding HR. LinkedIn, Instagram, Website, Podcast

Tune in, this is an episode filled with takeaways you won’t want to miss!

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