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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Jul 6, 2022

Leaders, do you want to know how to better connect and communicate with your cross-cultural team?

On today’s episode of the improve it! pod, Erin is excited to bring on Tayo Rockson - a writer, speaker, consultant, podcaster, poet, professor, co-founder and brand strategist at UYD Management, a strategic consulting firm that empowers organizations to incorporate sustainable diversity and inclusion practices.

On today’s episode, Erin and Tayo discuss: 

  • Why understanding the importance of cross-cultural communication is so important as a leader
  • Challenges organizations face when it comes to cross cultural communication
  • What you can stop and start doing as a leader to better communicate in a cross-cultural world

More about Tayo: As the son of a diplomat, Tayo grew up understanding the nuances of multicultural diversity while living on four continents. He leveraged his experiences to establish himself as an authority in communicating effectively across cultures and personal branding. He graced various stages to share his knowledge including TEDx, the prestigious Chautauqua Institution, and the United Nations.

Tayo is the host of As Told by Nomads, a podcast ranked in the top 5 tier of the Top 25 Business Podcasts for Entrepreneurs on He’s the author of Use Your Difference To Make A Difference and a professor at the prestigious Imperial College Business School as well as Felician University. 

In 2020, he launched the national anti-racism campaign called #LetsTalkBias. In 2021, Tayo was named in Remote Weekly’s list of The 100 Most Influential Remote Experts and starred in the award winning movie, IMPACT which is about three people who embark on a personal journey to transform the way they communicate on their quest to impact the world.

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