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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Jul 20, 2022

Two years of laughter, learning and podcasting. In twenty-four months, we’ve covered so many topics and spoken to so many outstanding guests. We’ve talked to entrepreneurs, to TikTok Stars, to corporate leaders, and to quite a few comediennes. As you can imagine, we’ve learned quite a few things in the process. 

Today’s episode includes a long list (ok, 24 things to be exact) of insightful tidbits, memorable quotes and mantras to motivate you to become your best self – both personally and professionally. It’s your own motivational speech set to pump you up, and fill you up with wisdom from some of the smartest (and coolest!) people we know. 

Want to know something else that’s cool? 

We just found out that the improve it! podcast is in the Top 1.5% of Global Podcasts. Pretty sweet, right?!

Press play on this episode, and see for yourself why laughter is one of the best teaching tools in the world! 

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