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Jul 27, 2022

There you are, on a Friday afternoon - hanging out by the pool and enjoying the fruits of a four day work week. You’ve managed to get everything done in the past  32 hours, and have an extra day to run errands, hang with family or dare we say, relax?! Sound like a pipe dream? It could just be your new reality. 

Today we are chatting with special guest Celeste Bell, all about the four day work week. Listen in on this episode to see the benefits and the challenges that come with it, and then how to start trialing this within your organization!

On today’s episode, Erin and Celeste discuss: 

  • Work life balance – myth or not?
  • The biggest desire for employees today – flexibility 
  • How to start trialing a four-day week within your organization 
  • Ways to approach leadership about implementing a four-day work week

More about Celeste Bell:

Celeste currently serves as EVP, Head of Human Resources at Deutsch NY, where she leads all HR activities and drives structural and strategic change management initiatives. Celeste has a wealth of experience in building equitable policies, procedures and practices that deliver and positively impact diverse groups of talent. Most of Celeste’s career experience was with Major League Baseball, where she was instrumental in the digital evolution of the organization. Prior to joining Deutsch, she handled talent acquisition at Publicis Media.  

Celeste holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, a Master’s degree in HR from New York University as well as a Certificate in HR Analytics from Cornell. She’s currently pursuing a PhD in Business at Virginia Tech and interested in pursuing research in the areas of future of work, leadership and diversity, equity and inclusion.


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