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improve it! Podcast – Developing Teams and Leaders Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Aug 26, 2020

In this episode, host Erin Diehl chats with author, entrepreneur and fear boss leader, Judi Holler. Judi’s mission is to help people live braver lives and empower leaders to lead braver teams. Snaps to that, am I right or am I right? Judi provides tip after tip to help you create a fearless and empowering life and become the fear boss you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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Judi Holler owns a creative company that is on a mission to help people live braver lives and EMPOWER leaders to lead braver teams. Her work takes the experimental principles of the improv theatre and helps you apply them to the unscripted stage of everyday life. These ideas will teach you that while you’ll never be “fearless” ... you can get really good at ... FEARING FEAR LESS! 

Judi is a professionally trained improviser and alumni of Second City’s Conservatory in Chicago and she uses her training every day to smash self-doubt and experiment with fear. 

Judi’s book, Fear Is My Homeboy, became an instant bestseller on Amazon, is currently being translated into two languages and was endorsed by the inspiring Mel Robbins calling it .... “relatable, relevant and most importantly ACTIONABLE!” 

Additionally, Judi is the creator of the Fear Boss Community, a community of brave humans dedicated to experimenting with fear, and she has a brand new podcast called, The #FearBoss Show which is now available wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts! 

When Judi is not keynoting conferences, podcasting, testing out new fear experiments, and creating content for the #FearBoss community ... she is most likely riding her Peloton bike, nose deep in a book, or hanging out with her husband Scott and their golden retriever, Tito! 

Judi likes her books non-digital, her wine bubbly, and her music hip-hop. Judi’s Mission: To help you live a braver life and smash comfort zones by experimenting with your fear. Every day. On purpose. Judi’s Vision: A world so brave that the word regret has been removed from the dictionary because you are way too busy making things happen for yourself!

Erin Diehl is the founder and Chief “Yes, And” officer of improve it! and host of the failed it! Podcast. She’s a performer, facilitator and professional risk-taker who lives by the mantra, “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Through a series of unrelated dares, Erin has created improve it!, a unique professional development company that pushes others to laugh, learn and grow. Her work with clients such as United Airlines, PepsiCo, Groupon, Deloitte, Motorola, Walgreens, and The Obama Foundation earned her the 2014 Chicago RedEye Big Idea Award and has nominated her for the 2015-2019 Chicago Innovations Award.

This graduate from Clemson University is a former experiential marketing and recruiting professional as well as a veteran improviser from the top improvisational training programs in Chicago, including The Second City, i.O. Theater, and The Annoyance Theatre.

When she is not playing pretend or facilitating, she enjoys running by the lake and patio dinners with her husband and son, and their eight pound toy poodle, BIGG Diehl.

You can follow the failed it! Podcast on Instagram and facebook, and you can follow Erin here on Instagram. We can’t wait to connect with you online!