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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Jun 24, 2020

“Nothing is permanent; everything is temporary; everything is changing. Just hang on because as long as you’re breathing, you will be okay.”  - Brad Chandler

Happy Pride Month! Today’s failed it! episode features guest Brad Chandler from The Hollis Co! This therapeutic conversation will help you realize that...

Jun 17, 2020

“The rule of thumb is you don’t have to not approach, and you don’t have to not say anything. I think you just have to think about being empathetic and how would you want to be approached in such a situation. We need to be our best selves in trying times like these.”  - Kelly Fair

On today’s failed it!...

Jun 10, 2020

“You know the peeps who seem to have it all together? You, too, can have it all with the help of some friends.” - Erin Diehl



Each week, your failed it! podcast host and improve it! founder Erin Diehl, will take you on a comedic journey that flips the “highlight reel” of Instagram on its head and shows you...