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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Sep 13, 2023

“People do not buy your product, your services, or your ideas as much as they buy your energy.” -Simon Ong

We talk about energy all the time, or as the kids say, “it’s giving...” As an international keynote speaker, bestselling author of Energize and award-winning coach, Simon Ong is the energy expert you need in your life. In this episode, Simon and Erin discuss what it means to be a go-giver instead of a go-getter, doing what makes you feel alive, and selling you to you.

If you’re going to listen to any episode about energy, make it this one.

More about Simon Ong: To ignite people's imagination of what is truly possible so that they can live a life of meaning, purpose and fulfilment—this is Simon’s “it.”

Everything that Simon Alexander Ong does is built around inspiring people to see their world differently and igniting their imagination of what is truly possible so that they can unleash their deepest potential. 

From a young age, Simon has always been curious about learning and exploring the areas of personal fulfilment, human potential and organizational success. This curiosity was accelerated following his departure from the financial industry, in which he began his career in following graduation from the London School of Economics. Studying the mindset and habits of successful leaders and organizations, Simon enjoys distilling his insights into lessons that can be easily understood and codifying the key principles that have had the biggest impact. 

He shares his insights, lessons and wisdom with all who are committed to upgrading their life and business to that next level. He speaks at international events, conferences and corporate events that have included those organized by Google, London School Of Economics, Barclays UK, The Institute Of Directors, Virgin, O2, Salesforce, 10 Downing Street, Natwest, Enterprise Nation and Microsoft.

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