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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Sep 20, 2023

“I will never be one of those speakers or coaches who tells people that they need to change. I actually believe the opposite. I don’t think people need to change–I think they walked out of the truth of who they really are.” -Justin Patton

We live in an age of toxic self-improvement culture. Adding a daily 30-minute meditation, new skincare gadget, or bedtime supplement into our routine has become second nature. In today’s episode, Erin and guest Justin Patton discuss what it means to come back home to yourself despite everything we’re told we need to improve.

As the Founder & CEO of The Trust Architect Group, Justin helps remarkable people discover what’s holding them back, how to build more trust in themselves and with others, and how to use their presence to impact people, results, and culture. Spoiler alert: today you are one of those remarkable people.

ICYMI – Your Post-Episode Homework: Consider the four steps to repairing trust. You take ownership, you renegotiate the relationship, you ask for or extend forgiveness, and then you demonstrate a change in your behavior. Think about a relationship in your life that needs repairing and ask yourself how you can apply Justin's methodology to that relationship.

More about Justin Patton: 1. He’s a former high school teacher with a master’s degree in education. He knows how to design leadership programs that stick. 2. He believes if you ever want to be a great leader of others, you must first be a great leader of yourself. He’s written three award-winning books that focus on helping leaders do that work. 3. He’s been lucky enough to work with some awesome brands like Taco Bell, GE Appliances, NCAA, US Chamber of Commerce, Anthem, Humana, Giant, The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and many more! 4. He’s led the largest leadership development program in Taco Bell’s franchise history and worked with over 10,000 Restaurant General Managers.

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