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improve it! Podcast – Developing Teams and Leaders Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Sep 8, 2021

Happy Wednesday, improve it! Fam! It’s the final episode of our hybrid work series, and lucky for you, you get to hear from special guest, Matthew Confer. As you enter the new and improved world of hybrid work, this inspirational leader talks to us about:

  • How you can make hybrid work effective for your employees
  • The pros and cons of virtual and in-person work
  • How to guide your team to go back into office.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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Connect with Matt Confer:


Matthew Confer is the Vice President of Strategy at Abilitie, a Leadership Development company based in Austin, Texas that provides immersive business simulations to a global client base that includes over 50 members of the Fortune 500. In the past three years alone Abilitie’s leadership programs have been delivered to over 20,000 corporate professionals in more than 30 countries. Matthew has spoken on the topic of decision making at the TEDx Conference and he osts the Learn To Lead Podcast where he speaks with authors, professors, creatives, and business leaders about their leadership journey and how they are working to develop the leaders of tomorrow.



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