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improve it! Podcast – Professional Development Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Dec 21, 2022

improve it! peeps – are you looking to combat burnout and focus on joy and impact as we approach the end of 2022? Join Erin and Rocki Howard, Chief People and Equity Officer at The Mom Project, to explore four strategies you can incorporate into your everyday. The bonus? They won’t add more to-do's to your schedule; they will allow you to show up to each to-do with more joy and impact.

By the end of the episode, you’ll decide which strategy makes the most sense for you to focus on as we head into the new year. 📝 Press play now!


About Rocki Howard:

A Chief People and Equity Officer at The Mom Project and host of the Voices of Diversity and the Grown Woman Life podcasts, Rocki Howard is a proud over-40, Black, Christian wife, and mom who prioritizes being a voice for diversity, creating high-performing inclusive work cultures, and advocating for bold, brilliant, badass women.

Rocki is a 2022 SIA Diversity Influencer, member of the Forbes HR Council, and has been featured in talent outlets such as HR Executive and ERE. In the past year, she has been featured on multiple podcasts including the Redefining HR Podcast, the Recruiting Daily Podcast, and The Pozcast with Adam Posner, and has been a featured presenter over 40 times on the topic of diversity including events such as ADP Meeting of the Minds, SourceCon, HR Tech, TA Week, and the 2021 CandE's Virtual Conference.


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