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May 11, 2022

As Justin Timberlake says… “It’s Gonna be May.” Now that we’re NSYNC, this month not only represents one of the most famous boy band lyrics of all time, but it also represents Mother’s Day, Mental Health Awareness, spring, and rebirth. And what better way to celebrate the month by chatting with the woman who gave birth to Erin…. Her mother!

Janice Holbrook is a mom, grandmother, stroke survivor, mental health advocate, and positive force of nature. In this insightful conversation between mother and daughter you’ll hear all about being a working parent, overcoming setbacks, setting and maintaining your priorities, and raising a Type A recovering perfectionist, turned #failfluencer (aka Erin).

This is an episode you cannot miss!

More about Janice Holbrook:

Janice Holbrook has had a long list of jobs throughout her life.  Her very first job was a proofreader for the local newspaper. She tried sales jobs and discovered that her was not her gift in life. She tried her hand at secretarial work, but that wasn't her cup of tea, either. Janice was a music major in college. When she became a mother, she decided to begin a music studio (an entrepreneur!!). As she moved from one town to another (husband's job), she became involved in preschool education. Janice got her certification in music education (while raising two children and working at a preschool!). She was director of a preschool in MI, and became the music teacher at two preschools in SC. Janice has been involved in community theater, and is involved with her church through various committees, choirs, and children's activities.  She is currently retired and enjoying time with her children and grandson.

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