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improve it! Podcast – Developing Teams and Leaders Through Play, Improv & Experiential Learning

Oct 18, 2021

Need help spurring innovation, seeing things with a new set of eyes, or looking at the way you work differently? Then we’ve got a quick show for you.
On today’s minisode, one of our improve it! facilitators, Shadee Vossoughi, is here to talk to us about how improv is a great tool for spurring creativity in the workplace.

About the Guest: Shadee Vossoughi is an Iranian American actor, writer, and veteran improviser based in Chicago, IL. After receiving her BFA in Acting from Southern Oregon University, Shadee moved to Chicago to study comedy. Shadee has trained, performed, and coached at some of the top comedy institutions in Chicago, including The Annoyance Theatre, iO Theater, and The Second City. Shadee was a recipient of the NBCUniversal Second City Bob Curry Fellowship in 2018. Shadee is represented by Stewart Talent Chicago.

Connect with Shadee Vossoughi:
Instagram: @shadeev
Twitter: @shadee_v

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